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MEDISTONE project (call FP6-2003-INCO-MPC-2 ; contract n°015245) proposes to contribute to the knowledge and the conservation of three of the most important archaeological sites in North Africa (Volubilis in Morocco, Djemila in Algeria, the Alexandria Lighthouse in Egypt) :

- identifying stones used and determining their origins in terms of geographic areas and, if possible, the former quarry sites

- establishing diagnosis of the state of conservation of the stones,and describing mechanisms of the deterioration to stone for semiarid continental climate

- providing answers to the main problems regarding stone conservation / restoration that are liable to be met at the selected sites i.e. reassembling fractured and fissured stones.

The project involves twelve partners (technical institutes, universities and research organisations, government institutions in charge of cultural heritage i.e. users), five from Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco) and seven from Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Greece), having experience in the field of either ornamental and building stone studies and / or the deterioration and conservation of cultural heritage stones.

The newsletters are part of MEDISTONE ongoing dissemination activities. We also invite you to take part of the newsletters and to give us your comments, and contribution for the next issue.

David Dessandier, co-ordinator, BRGM

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